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This is an invitation to you to participate in a 'door-to-door' evangelistic reach-out with fellow believers including University students, Professionals etc

What We Do

Atleast once every year we're taking time-off our work or applying for 'unpaid leave' to personally participate in bringing people to a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. Great reach-out opportunity for University students during holiday season.



Participants are not full-time evangelists or ministers of the gospel, but 'Spirit-filled' corporates, civil servants, entrepreneurs or University students.
"And they went out and preached everywhere, while the Lord was working with them and confirming the word by miracles"
Mark 16:20


Reaching Out

Participants are multinationals and are never from one particular Church or Christian denomination.
Reach-outs are conducted in the rural or rural-urban areas in conjunction with area Church leaders to whom we hand a report of our activities in the area; urging them to follow up the converts.



ABC reach-outs are weekly and a reach-out lasts five days; Monday for arriving and Saturdays for departure. Mission secretariat facilitates participants in the areas of accommodation and food.
Participants are required to carry their personal effects such as bed sheets, towels, etc.


Our Vision

To reach Another Billion souls with the Gospel of Christ.


An interdenominational missions organization focusing on door-to-door evangelism. Proclaiming 'the Good news' of the kingdom of God to the rural communities and the sub-urban centers of the world.

"That you may be for a salvation unto the ends of the earth"
Acts 13:47


That Jesus Christ alone, through shedding His blood on the cross, has torn down the curtain of enmity that stood between God and man kind. We preach what He has accomplished for us and what it means for humanity.
"Declare - His marvelous works among all nations"
 1Chronicles 16:24


A voluntary monthly two-week intensive training prior to every reach-out.
"it pleased God, who separated me from my mother's womb, and called me by His Grace"
Galatians 1:15


Pariticpants can make contributions in kind or in cash by contacting the overall team leader.
Contributing participants will often be invited to the committee that determines location of ABC reach-outs.

 To raise up a generation radically committed to re-evangelizing the entire world. Reaching a billion people, then going after another billion.

About ABC School Of Missions

Due to contrasting theological backgrounds and perspectives; ABC School Of Missions will stick to a more practical approach towards what missioners encounter on the mission field.

"In meekness instructing those that oppose themselves; if God peradventure will give them repentance to the acknowledging of the truth"
2 Timothy 2:25.

During this training we will be exposing you to our foundational missions phylosophy etc You will get a first test of the teachings that are the basis of Mission ABC's impact. We will also be explaining our approach, assignment, training hours, and practical aspects of ABC School Of Missions. 

Envisions a result orientated evangelistic missions research university, where even the lectures are 'students of of the Holy Spirit'.
Progressive in it's design and setting, and in pursuance of spiritual objective, the 'university' is a hub of truth working in the lives of missioners with fresh documented testimonies as opposed to mere academia.
With ABC School Of Missions the next generation is in safe hands. 

Each training focuses on a selected theme. The bulk of classes and discussions will revolve around each of the themes:
 What distinguishes Christianity from every other belief.
 What distinguishes you from mere humans.
The Spirit world. 
Trends in the mission field.

We will, in 'practical ways' (demonstration of word & Spirit - 1Cor' 2:4), deliberately and aggressively confront only those religious, cultural, traditional or theological mental blocks that particularly undermine our relevance on the mission field.

It's towards a missioner that is not merely carrying a 'good news message' but is the message itself. The missioner being God’s answer to the captive, a 'answer center' who doesn’t do referrals. A missioner who is unapologetically confidently loaded with relevance and is zealous to show.
A 'proof producer', carrying his or her own atmosphere, determining outcomes and simply unstoppable.


Conduct during missions


The leader of a 'group participants' will oversea his or her group during the mission.

Every particular group leader must therefore, before the mission dates, ensure interface with ABC's 'leader' (patron) for the particular mission.
Refer to mission leaders by their correct titles (such as 'my team leader'). 


Show respect towards all participants by using appropriate language. Strive for humility, dignity and simplicity in how you speak to each other. Avoid slang and inappropriate casual language - (Ephesians 4:29).
Dress appropriately in a way that will help you earn respect and trust.
Conduct yourself towards other participants in a manner that boosts the trust and confidence that they have in you.


As much as possible let your mind be centered on the mission. Avoid constant 'Internet surfing' or 'WhatsApp chatting'

During mission week keep your words, thoughts and actions in harmony with the gospel that you are preaching. 


Your appearance is often the first message other people receive, and it should support what you say.
Therefore wear conservative, clothing that is consistent with your mission. Never allow your appearance to draw attention away from your message


Strive to represent the Lord according to the highest standards of obedience and conduct towards your team leaders.


Keep the time set by your team leaders for every activity that involves all the participants together. I.e planning sessions and prayer sessions. Always consult with your team leader and have their phone number.


Contact us to confirm your participation as an individual, a 'work-place' (institutional) or campus fellowship. Welcome aboard!


 Street: Kampala


Phone: +256 703 926926.  
Info: +256 771 499985

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